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House Plan Review


Review Committee

The Kingswood Homeowners Association Board of Directors and Architecture Review Committee would like to remind all homeowners of the need for approval before making changes to the exterior of their residence. Changes to landscaping do not need approval; but all construction, including but not limited to any additions/changes to the structure, paint color changes, fences, pools, etc., needs prior approval.


Prior to the project beginning, homeowners should complete an Architectural Review Application (Click Here to print PDF) and forward plans, color selections, grade, picture, etc. to either of the following for approval:



Once plans have been submitted to the committee, the covenants allow 30 days for approval. The goal of the Committee and the KHA Board is to complete all reviews as quickly as possible. 


The Architectural Review Committee functions as a part of the KHA Covenants (see below) and does not in any way work with or meet any governmental approvals a project might require. For information on governmental requirements, all homeowners should contact Hampden Township.

Pursuant to Article VI of KHA Covenants:

“…any erection of a structure (including but not limited to fences, walls or mailboxes) any addition or alteration to the exterior of the structure, or any change in the existing color or finish of any building on a lot shall not be done until plans and specifications showing the nature, kind, shape, height, materials and location of the same shall have been submitted to and approved in writing as to harmony of external design and location in relationship to surrounding structures, and finished ground elevation topography by the architectural committee appointed by the Board…”



*This approval is given on condition that you obtain all necessary Hampden Township approvals, including a building permit (if required) prior to the start of the construction and that the completed work will meet all applicable state and township code requirements and comply with all applicable laws and ordinances.


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